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Gearbox Reconditioning

The gearbox was delivered to Pump Supply & Repair Group partially seized after running with insufficient lubrication.

At strip down it was also discovered that the main gear hub had fractured

The remainder of the unit had all parts examined for damage and wear with images taken showing the extent of the damage.

Consumable parts were itemised for replacing; these included bearings, oil seals and gaskets.

Any damage to the shafts was assessed for suitability with action for correction and all critical dimensions were recorded for rebuild purposes.

The main hub was replicated and the gear ring reconditioned.

During assembly, all parts were set for axial and radial alignment.

Full rebuild completed and the unit was returned to the customer.

Another demonstration of how Pump Supply & Repair Group are able to undertake repairs and servicing to any type of rotating equipment, from parts replication through to full overhauls.

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