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Shotblast Cabinet

Pump Group Commissions New Shot Blasting Facility – 20 Tonne Capacity

Late 2014 saw the commissioning of an £100,000 expansion project for Pump Group’s Belzona Coating business unit.

The size of equipment being repaired by Pump Group has increased year on year, and the new shot blast cabinet recently commissioned is more than a match for the increase in shot blasting requirements.


Pump Group was the UK’s first Belzona Approved Coating Centre and has strived to stay ahead of the competition in both experience, capabilities and facilities. In 2010 when Pump Group moved to a purpose built 32,000 sq ft facility the Belzona Application Room was doubled in size and now has full overhead crane access whilst maintaining a temperature and humidity controlled climate (atmosphere).

The shot blast cabinet was fabricated to meet increased requirements and allow the operator to blast items up to 10m in length & 3m wide. It was designed with a mechanised bogie system which has a 20 tonne capacity. This means the operator can safely blast large impellers, casings and other components with ease.


The cabinet utilises the latest sound attenuation methods which limit the environmental impact of the process and also improving the working conditions for the operator.


The cabinet holds a large quantity of chilled iron grit which is blasted and recirculated by the Media Recovery Floor. This system constantly scrapes the abrasive & deposit from under grid beneath the operators feet and then filtered and recirculated automatically. This has greatly increased efficiency meaning an increase in throughput from the blasting team.



Ian Pendleton of Pump Group had this to say:

This investment has led to a more efficient process with a higher capacity which will be capable of meeting the ever increasing needs of our wide and varied customer base. This will allow us to pursue larger jobs requiring coating application. These brand new shotblasting facilities combined with our state of the art Coating Clean Room means that we are in a position to handle many more Belzona Coating contracts with an improved turnaround.

For more information how we can utilise our extensive Belzona knowledge and Coating Facilities to assist your company with your operational needs, please contact a member of our Repairs Team on +44 (0)161 864 4678 or via email