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Fluid Couplings

Fluid Couplings are hydrodynamic rotating devices that are used to transmit mechanical power without shock loading the power transmission. They work by having a sealed housing with 2 turbines, one connected to the input shaft and one the output. The housing is filled with hydraulic fluid, which is displaced by the input turbine when the motor starts spinning. The moving fluid then exerts a force on the output turbine, meaning the output shaft begins to turn.

Advantages of using Fluid Couplings;

  • Smooth Controlled Acceleration
  • Provides a ‘Soft’ Start to the Driven Unit & Motor
  • Reduced Motor Current
  • Overload Protection
  • Fluid Dampens Vibration
  • High Operating Efficiency

Pump Supply & Repair Group have been repairing Variable Speed Fluid Couplings in excess of 30 years, and can offer a range of services including;

  • On Site removal and transport back to our workshop
  • Full Refurbishment
  • Reverse engineering of Obsolete Components
  • Coupling Balancing
  • Fabrication of Cooling equipment
  • Installation on Site
  • Laser Alignment
  • Condition Monitoring
It is crucial to Laser Align Fluid Couplings as there are 2 shafts connecting 3 pieces of machinery, meaning that poor alignment can cause significant costs in the future due to downtime and repair. 
We can also supply new Fluid Couplings and Spare Parts from a number of manufacturers, selecting the best unit for your requirements.

Case Study of Fluid Coupling Repair

For more information, please call our office on 0161 864 4678, or email Martin Cooper