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Vacuum Systems Survey

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump being tested to determine performance

Pump Supply & Repair Group can inspect Vacuum Systems on your site.

Our experienced engineers attend site once all of the relevant Risk Assessments and Method Statements had been issued, and carry out a non-intrusive survey of the system.

A typical vacuum system survey includes the following:

  • Alignment is measured using Laser Alignment Kit
  • Test Flanges are fitted, and a Digital Pressure Indicator is used to record the vacuum as the orifice holes are blanked off
  • Vibration recorded at specific points on and around the pumps
  • Formulae applied to results to calculate Pump performance
  • Graph produced comparing results to OEM as new data
  •  Current recorded, Power absorbed calculated and compared to OEM data
  • Access permitting, an endoscopic survey is carried out to inspect the internals of the equipment

The Customer is then issued with a report compiled by the Engineer. Test Reports vary in detail and complexity depending on each customer’s individual requirements:

  • Test Data
  • Performance Curves
  • Comparison of Test Curves
  • Recording System Performance Data Over Long Periods
  • System Evaluation and Optimisation Recommendations
  • Post Optimisation Review of Pump Network

Benefits to the Customer:

  • Optimal Performance
  • Minimum Energy Consumption
  • Minimum Energy Costs
  • Improved Reliability

Click here to see an example of a Vacuum System Survey

For more information, see our Non Intrusive Testing & Plant Inspection page.

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