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Belzona Application – Venturi Scrubber

Pump Supply & Repair Group has recently undertaken the Belzona application of a Venturi Acid Neutralisation Scrubber. Previously the scrubber had been manufactured from Hastelloy C22 material which was expensive to manufacture and was also still susceptible to corrosion from the media. The customer wanted to change the substrate to carbon steel and apply a Belzona polymeric coating to protect against acid corrosion.

The coating selected not only had to withstand the corrosion properties of the acid but also had to withstand high operating temperature of up to 100°C. While protective coatings can be successfully used at moderate temperatures, migration through the coating readily occurs at temperatures above 90°C. This gives rise to blistering and premature breakdown.

We proposed to apply Belzona 1392 ceramic HT metal to the scrubber by combing a unique blend of inorganic erosion resistant reinforcing agents with a radically new densely cross linked heat resistant polymer. Belzona 1392 provides excellent protection against erosion and corrosion in high temperature environments which has a temperature range -40°C (-40°F) to 200°C (392°F) and a constant immersion temperature of 120°C (248°F).

The internal of the unit, external of the nozzles and also all internal welds were grit blasted.

All wetted parts were then coated with a two coat Belzona 1392 HT Metal.

On completion all coated areas were wet sponge tested to check for defects.

The external of the scrubber was spray painted hammerite grey prior to being packed ready for dispatch.

The above unit was carried out during the customers scheduled breakdown period and was carried out over a five day period.

The scrubber is now in operation and under trials.

Completion of coating / Prior to despatch

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