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Pump Repair Process

This is a brief outline of a typical pumps progress through our repair service:


Pump Group transport collect the unit from site and return to workshop facility.

Booking In

Unit is ‘Booked In’ by stores staff, and allocated an IR Number. (Tracker Number allocated if necessary)

Cleaning & Stripping

Unit is cleaned externally and then disassembled in our ‘Stripping’ area inside the workshop.

Inspection & Quotation

Unit is then inspected by our experienced Quotations Engineers, measurements are taken and a detailed quote with digital images is issued to the customer.

Customer Go-Ahead

Upon acceptance from the customer, the pump is then cleaned internally and bead blasted. Necessary parts for the repair are ordered.

Belzona Coatings

If Belzona coating required, unit is shot blasted and Belzona is applied. See our Belzona Process for more details


Unit is then passed onto our Machining Team, where it is machined to ensure components create the necessary internal tolerances required within the pump.


The unit is then built by our technicians in our Assembly area. They are aided by the documents in the Build Plan Section in the Quality Management Folder. Unit is bench pressure tested and witnessed by a team leader or manager.

Performance Testing

Once the unit has passed the pressure test, it is Performance Tested in our state of the art in house testing area. For more information on Pump Testing click here.


Once tested and the certificate is signed off by management, the unit is sprayed in our 8m wide fully extracted spray booth. Units are sprayed with acid and corrosion resistant epoxy paints.

Final Inspection & Quality Control

The unit then has an Identification Plate riveted to its case and the unit undergoes ‘Final Inspection’ by our stores staff.


The unit is ether collected or delivered back to the customers site by Pump Group transport.


If required, our qualified On-Site personnel can install the unit at the customers plant. For more information on our Site Services click here