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Asset Surveys


Many clients have a large population of rotating equipment on sites, but often do not have an asset data base to support such equipment.

Pump Supply & Repair Group offer the customer total asset management. Using our own in house asset tracker system, we can provide a customer with invaluable information identifying poor performing pumps or pump locations with high failure rates. Common causes of failure such as bearings, mechanical seal, erosion, cavitation, dry running etc. are also highlighted to the customer and an agreed programme of improvement implemented to increase the Mean Time Between Failure, which in turn increases plant availability and the customer’s profitability. Part of the many services we offer on behalf of clients is to produce itemised listings by location / asset details to allow quick identification of assets and traceability of issues. Such reports may also include plant current or insurance re-instatement values. 

Site surveys are also offered to identify pumps which may be obsolete and therefore affect the pump’s turnaround time due to spares availability thus causing unnecessary plant downtime. This service will also identify assets which may have been installed in a manner which is detrimental to the performance thus causing premature failure. An additional benefit of the survey is to highlight Energy Savings which may be achieved through the use of Variable Speed Drives, Efficiency Coatings, High Efficiency Motors etc.

From the customers’ historical information and the information gathered through the survey Pump Supply & Repair Group can then submit a proposal for Condition Monitoring focusing on the critical assets whether that be Health & Safety, Production or Repair Cost.

Having an extremely skilled and experienced set of personnel from a wide range of rotating equipment background means we are well equipped to carry out such surveys and produce in formats customised to each client in terms of content or style.

For more information on the range of services we offer with regards to Asset Surveys, please