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Thermodynamic Pump Testing

Pump Supply & Repair Group have significant experience in both Pump Testing and Pump Systems Analysis.

In keeping with the company goal of staying two steps ahead of the competition, Pump Group have invested in portable Thermodynamic Pump Testing to allow our engineers to attend your Site and assess the performance of specific pumps.

The engineer is able to calculate the pump performance by attending site and using specialist equipment to measure the following;

  • The Pressure at Suction & Discharge (accurate to 1/1000 mbar)
  • The Temperature of the liquid (accurate to 1/1000oC) at Suction & Discharge
  • Voltage (V)  & Absorbed Current (Amps)
By inputting site data into our customised FreeFlow Software, the Engineer is able to produce a report which displays;
  • Head Generated by Pump (mH2O)
  • Flowrate (m3/s)
  • Hydraulic Efficiency (η)
  • System Efficiency (η)
  • Electrical Power Absorbed (kW)

To measure the performance, our engineer requires the following

  • 2 x 3/4″ ports with gate valves – 1 on the suction side of the pump, 1 on the discharge side. Ideally, these ports should be positioned on a straight section of pipe approximately 1metre from the pump flange.
  • Our engineer needs access to the electrical control box for the motor that powers the pump being tested.
  • Pressure of less than 15 bar (150 Metres H2O). If the pump can be turned off to allow the engineer to insert & remove the transducers, then far higher pressures can be tested.

As the UK’s 1st Belzona Approved Coating Centre, Pump Group can use Thermodynamic Testing to identify pumps that are running inefficiently, and then repair and coat them with Belzona Efficiency Coatings. Click here for more information on our Belzona Coatings.

Please click here to see an example of a Thermodynamic Test Report

Our Vehicles are equipped with;
  • Manual Handling aids
  • LASER Aligning Equipment
  • Condition Monitoring Equipment
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Access Equipment
  • Gas Detection
  • Lighting Equipment

For more information on our Site Service, please contact our Site Manager, Charles Lambley, on 07887 721 900, or email him on