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Customer Partnerships

Industry – Power – Location – South East

A two year contract has been signed for the overhaul of various pumps at RWE N Power – Power Generation Site based in the South East. The contract has been won against strong competition from the Original Equipment Manufacturers and other rotating equipment repairers.

The Scope of Work includes the refurbishment of various rotating equipment and application of Energy Efficient Coatings.

Pump Supply & Repair Group has developed a total package for the customer utilising Belzona Polymeric Coatings.

Energy losses due to the effects of viscous drag and surface roughness, accentuated by erosion-corrosion effects, can be reduced by the application of a protective coating to the surfaces of fluid handling equipment. The unique hydrophobic nature of the Belzona 1341 Supermetalglide System makes water simply roll off. See the Belzona section for specific examples.

Another example of the success of the Group providing solutions to the Power Industry.

Industry – Power – Location – UK

Following on from the success the Group enjoys across all sources of Power Generation – Coal, Gas, Oil & Hydro, we have extended all our Groups Services, Supply, Repair, Site Work and Belzona Coatings, to a specialist Material Handling Organisation on a number of coal fired power stations across the United Kingdom, providing solutions to long standing issues.

The group has supplied and repaired pumps, gearboxes, valves, variable speed coupling, submersible and other rotating equipment and provided site services teams to remove and re-install equipment.

A specific success has been experienced by the client where they are pumping on Slurry/ Fly Ash, which is highly abrasive and often wears pump components in months. Utilising a Belzona composite, combining extremely hard, closely packed abrasion resistant materials, in a polymeric binder, we have recovered the components profile and pump efficiency and have doubled the life of the pump in service.

This approach has now been extended to other Power Stations direct and with equal success. See the Belzona section for specific examples.

Industry – Facilities Management – Location – National

Pump Supply & Repair Group have held an Agreement with a National Facilities Management organisation providing services all across the United Kingdom.

We extend the services of all four of our Business Units – Sales, Repairs, Site and Belzona Coatings for all types of Rotating Equipment on sites, varying from remote un-manned rural locations to large multi-national manufacturing plants.

The agreement provides the client with guaranteed call out times, preferential labour rates, and provision of Key Performance Indicators results (K.P.I.s) which are regularly reviewed to ensure agreed goals are met.

The work is varied and diverse, with an emphasis on energy saving initiatives from Pump Supply and Repair Group, both for current pump installations or when replacement or new installations are being considered.

Industry – Chemical – Location – Yorkshire

A Rotating Equipment Contract on behalf of a major chemical company in Yorkshire has recently been secured.

The contract includes re-instating manufacturers standards of build specification on all repaired equipment, detailed asset and seal tracking reports are being maintained allowing analysis and improvement of Mean Time Between Failure.

Frequent site attendance by our Account Managers and Technicians to identify and discuss plant improvements take place as part of the Contract.

If you would like to discuss how we can assist in improving your plant reliability and reduce down time, please contact Fraser Savage, Sales Manager or Martin Cooper, Operations Director at our Manchester office.

Industry – Paper & Board – Location – Kent

We have been working with this client for in excess of six years, providing on site Vacuum Performance Testing of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps (L.R.V.P.) and the mills vacuum system.

Based on the Survey Results, we have made recommendations and subsequently replaced obsolete L.R.V.P. units with modern units, suited to the mills vacuum requirements and made significant energy savings, as a result of using smaller drives but still meeting vacuum demands.

A number of large Split Case Pump Units on cooling water applications have been removed from site and casings re-built with Belzona Polymers to address erosion and re-instate the performance of the units.

Our Site Work Business Unit provides Group personnel on regular shut downs to remove/install equipment, which recently included a 13 tonne L.R.V.P. unit in a 12 hour shut down period !

Other equipment frequently repaired includes ABS and Scan stock process pumps.

All rotating equipment repaired is fully performance tested in our works and test certificates provided before despatch to site.

We have numerous Paper & Board Mill customers across the United Kingdom and would be happy to discuss our vast experience and proven approach in this industry.