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Test Facilities

Pump Supply & Repair Group is unique in our Industry as a performance test is carried out on every unit that is repaired before it is despatched.

In carrying out a performance test we are able to compare the result of the the repaired unit versus the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) results. We aim to exceed 80% of OEM unit results. We also record a complete set of condition monitoring results to establish a ‘carpet’ reading which can be compared to site results once installed. This gives our clients the piece of mind that when the unit is installed, it will perform correctly first time.

We also provide a Performance Test Facility to many OEMs and pump repair companies who do not have their own facility or it is not large enough for particular jobs.

Why Performance Test? 

  • Proven Performance & Quality – Clients want to run equipment at its’ optimum efficiency. Running Pumps which are worn & inefficient is time consuming and costly with respect to electrical consumption.
  • Test Certificate Issued &  Performance Curve – Test and OEM Curve Compared
  • Condition Monitoring Readings – Proven bearing conditions

Pump Group Test Facilities:

  • Suction Diameters from 1” – 12”
  • Discharge Diameters – Up to 20”
  • Flow Rates from 0.01 m3/Hr to 900m3/Hr
  • Power – 315kVa Supply to Inverters
  • Range of 6 Inverters from 1kW to 250kW
  • Slave Motors up to 250kW
  • Water Supply – 30m3 Above Ground Tank, 45m3 Below Ground Tank
  • 30 Tonne Overhead Gantry Craneage
  • Up to 10 Metre Length Submersible / Borehole Tested
  • Vacuum Pump Testing using Orifice Plate Method
  • Conventional & Thermodynamic Testing Employed
  • Customer Witness Testing Welcomed

Below is a list of readings recorded through an automated and proven software system and calculated throughout every performance test:

  • Electrical Power (kW)
  • Flow Rate (m3/Hr)
  • Suction Head (mH2O)
  • Discharge Head (mH2O)
  • Suction Temperature measured to 1/1000 Degree (oC)
  • Discharge Pressure measured to 1/1000 Degree (oC)
  • Vibration Analysis at 8 locations (mm/s & oC)
  • Shaft Speed (RPM)
  • Ambient Pressure & Relative Humidity (mbar & %H2O)

The diagram below illustrates how the Thermodynamic Pump Test Rig works:


Also see our On Site Vacuum Testing & On Site Thermodynamic Testing.

For more info on our Test Facilities, or to obtain a quotation, please call our Operations Director, Martin Cooper, on 0161 864 4678, or contact him via