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Pump Failure Investigation

It is important to understand why a piece of equipment has failed, which allows you to make changes to increase the mean time between failure.

For example, in the Hydrocarbon Processing industry, about 7% of the pump population consumes 60% of the total pump maintenance and repair budget. Understanding the problem and getting to the root cause of the failures of these 7% will decrease costs substantially.

A prerequisite criteria in carrying out a repair on a failed piece of rotating equipment is to carry out failure investigation to determine the root cause of failure. Over many years we have become specialists using various techniques & a range of skilled personnel to identify causes & offer a pro active repair service. This allows us to advise the client if remedial or preventative work is required on site or that we build into the scope of repair material improvements or modifications to components or design.

Applying this approach in this manner ensures we avoid similar repeat equipment failure with identical causes thereby saving clients money & downtime & improving our reputation in the market place.

Reporting of cause of failure is contained both in our quotation document & on our extensive data base recording details of all units supplied & repaired for each client.

Detailed reports are frequently generated for our clients allowing discussions to take place to further fine tune improvements/ modifications carried out and analyse Mean Time Between Failure durations.

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