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Achilles are one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive providers of supplier information, who assist and support clients in the procurement process. Achilles works on behalf of major corporations worldwide using their Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB) where they identify, qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers.  Established over 20 years ago in Norway, Achilles now have offices all over the globe and employ over 500 people in 22 countries.  The Utilities Vendor Database serves over 700 of the worlds largest organisations and comprises of over 55,000 registered Suppliers.


The Engineering Construction Industry Association (ECIA) is the principal trade and employer association for the UK engineering construction industry. It has over 300 members including some of the world’s largest companies and also supports smaller British contractors by employing skilled engineers and craftspeople all over the UK and Ireland. Its members employ around 60,000 personnel, including designers, planners, project engineers, managers and site operatives.


Certificate No: FM 11856
The British Standards Institution is a multinational business services provider whose primary activity is the production, accreditation and regulation of professional standards. Pump Supply & Repair Group is accredited to BS EN ISO9001:2015 standards, and to achieve this we have to be continually recording, analysing and improving all sectors of our business.


Make UK is the most powerful force backing UK manufacturing. Membership includes around a quarter of the UK’s manufacturing businesses, and it offers advice and insight into emerging trends and the innovative new directions being taken by forward-thinking organisations. Make UK also anticipates developments and influences legislation that governs the manufacturing sector, meaning that Pump Group has access to the latest intelligence reports and can make the most informed decisions on how to progress and succeed in this difficult workplace.