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Condition Monitoring

Pump Supply & Repair Group offers several Condition Monitoring services, from monitoring critical equipment to contracted regular monthly inspections of entire plants.  It is the process of monitoring the parameters of condition in machinery, such that a significant change is indicative of a developing trend towards failure.

Condition Monitoring is vital for rotating equipment, especially motors and pumps. Faults develop within machinery regardless of even the most comprehensive scheduled maintenances with detectable faults leading to unexpected failures before your next planned maintenance break.

Condition Monitoring is efficient and non-disruptive to production, and allows you to be pro-active in preventing unplanned shutdowns which means that you can optimise maintenance resources where and when they are needed. It is a proven, preventative maintenance strategy that gives an insight into the condition of machinery and provides early indication of preventative faults.

Condition monitoring not only helps plant personnel reduce the likelihood of catastrophic failure, it allows them to schedule manpower and order the necessary parts in advance. With condition monitoring, machinery analysis takes two overlapping forms; predictive and diagnostic.



Condition Monitoring measures the ‘health’ of a machine by routine monitoring and analysis of data. Specifically trained Pump Supply & Repair Group engineers attend site with Vibration Monitoring sensors, and record the levels of vibration from several locations on and around the rotating equipment. The engineer would then download this data from the Pruftechnik VibScanner to specific software analyse the data and produce numerical and graphical datasheets. The engineer would review the results and produce a report for the customer, explaining the results of the monitoring, and would advise the customer with regards to any recommendations’.

E.g.  Pump 1 has had vibration readings at ‘Pre-Warn’ for 3 months, but there is no sign of any degradation taking place, therefore we see no need to remove it from use at this time.  However, FFT Vibration Analysis has calculated that Pump 2 has moved from ‘Acceptable’ to ‘Warning’ in just 1 month so we recommend removing the unit for further investigation and replacing it as a matter of urgency.

For more information on our Condition Monitoring Services, please contact our Site Manager, Charles Lambley, on 07887 721 900, or email him on