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Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives, or VSD’s, are a method of drastically reducing the energy consumption of a motor. For example, installing a VSD can reduce energy consumption up to 60%, meaning that for a 90kW motor in continuous duty this is an energy saving of over £9,000 per year!

A Fan or Centrifugal Pump running at half speed consumes only one-eighth of the energy compared to running at full speed. This is because the torque needed to run a rotating element such as that on a fan or a pump is the square of the volume of the fluid that is displaced.

The way a Variable Speed Drive works is that it to acheive a certain head off of a pump, instead of throttling the outlet, the VSD physically reduces the speed at which the motor runs

Our experienced External Sales engineers can attend site and analyse your rotating equipment stock to ascertain where it you would benefit from the retrofitting of Variable Speed Drives to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Pump Group can supply these VSD’s at very competitive rates because of our substantial purchasing power and strong supplier alliances.

If necessary, our dedicated Site Services engineers can attend site and retrofit the VSD’s directly into your existing pipework, making all of the necessary pipework modifications. They will then carry out the full electrical installation, and can then perform a handover to your personnel.

Case Study – Energy Saving from utilising Variable Speed Drives in an HVAC installation.

For more info on Variable Speed Drives and how you could benefit from using them, call our Sales Team on 0161 864 4678, or email them at