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2m Diameter Main Cooling Water Valve from Power Station after 2141 Anti Cavitation Coating

Pump Supply & Repair Group are experienced in the repair of a wide range of Valves.

Reasons for Reconditioning valves;

  • 60% of Valves that are condemned by OEM’s are Economically Repairable
  • Lead time for Valve Repairs often far quicker than lead time for New Valves
  • Reconditioned Valves do not require costly pipework modifications
  • Valve Repairs often far cheaper than supply new option
  • High Quality – can last as long as when new
As the UK’s First Belzona Approved Application Centre, Pump Group is at the forefront of utilising advanced Polymeric Coatings to repair rotating equipment.

Belzona can be used on Valves to;

  • Rebuild seat and seal areas
  • Rebuild slides and guides
  • Repair existing linings
  • Rebuild thread bushes
  • Rebuild/resurface gland housings
  • Realign/reseat butterfly valve shaft location and bush housings

The image above shows a 2m diameter Main Cooling Water Valve from a Power Station being despatched. The Valve was heavily eroded due to cavitation and the OEM’s recommendation to supply new. Pump Supply used Belzona 2141 Anti Cavitation Coating to treat the damaged surface to minimise the impact of cavitation on the valve once re-installed. 

For more info on Valve repairs, please call Martin Cooper on 0161 864 4678 or email him at