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Contract Labour – Pump Group Engineers Assist With Shutdown At Petrochemical Refinery

Industry – UK Oil & Gas Refinery

As part of our contracts with clients, Pump Group has qualified technicians providing full-time specialist assistance in several industries across the UK. One of our client’s sites, a petrochemical refinery capable of producing 300,000 barrels per day, recently underwent a major shutdown and asked Pump Group to assist.

For the duration of the shutdown, our client required eight Pump Group rotating equipment engineers on-site to carry out essential maintenance and modification to their plant.

Don’t think that we are just a pump company  –  the client was able to utilise our extensive experience with repairs on all types of rotating equipment, working on several key projects including the Aromatics Raffinate Wash Water Column, Fin-Fan cooling systems, Rotary Vacuum Filters & physical isolation of plant and pipework. Many of the work scopes included confined space and Breathing Apparatus work.

Our engineers were able to rely on our facilities when in-situ repairs weren’t possible; several items were transported to our workshop to have fabrication, machining work carried out & Belzona® Coatings applied.

A number of pumps were also removed and performance tested in our Test Cell. Several issues were identified through Vibration Analysis allowing necessary repairs to be undertaken, minimising the chance of unplanned downtime through failure in service.

For more information on how our team can provide assistance with your planned (and unplanned!) shutdowns, please contact our office on 0161 864 4678 or by emailing