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Supplier Endorsements


UNDER PRESSURE … you can rely on Pump Supply and Repair Groups’ experience and excellent service over the past 20 years,
with Cat Pumps’ high pressure pumps and accessories, as a bell-wether to the satisfaction of your future needs.

Sterling SPP:

Sterling SPP have been dealing with the Pump Supply and Repair Group for over twenty years and are a valued part of our network of resellers and distributors.

Since the formation of our Distribution Department in 1995, we have been very closely involved with both their Sales office and their Service and Repairs centre and find them easy to deal with and very professional.

Many of the people who we deal with now at the Pump Supply and Repair Group are the same people who we have been dealing with for over ten years and I have always found their staff to be very knowledgeable and courteous.

I wish them the very best for the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Clive Southerton.
Distribution Manager.


Grundfos Pumps Ltd are delighted to have been linked with the Pump Supply & Repair Group, and look forward to many more years of successful partnership.

A knowledgeable Company that delivers to the Customers expectation. Grundfos know that their products are well represented by Pump Supply and Repair Group Ltd, an aggressive Company that do not accept excuses or second best.

Customer Endorsements


PSRG have been closely working with Elyo under a Preferred Supplier Agreement. As with any relationship there have been good points and not so good points (the former vastly outweighing the latter) but PSR’s strength has been its ability to discuss problems and respond quickly to agreed solutions. PSR’s commitment to us as a customer is greatly appreciated even if we do occasionally incur Mr. Carey’s wrath when we get it wrong, but this is an example of a company that strives for perfection.


Congratulations on your company’s recent successful restructure and look forward to continued business between our companies and trust we will receive the excellent service and backup that Pump Supply has always portrayed at a high level.