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Rheinhütte Pumps Solve Customer’s Corrosion Problems

The customer had several pumps at a water treatment plant that kept failing within a very short period of time after installation.

The product being pumped was a highly aggressive concentrated chemical used in the water treatment process. The corrosive nature of the chemical meant that the product was attacking the pumps internals, damaging the impeller and volute and causing the seals to fail prematurely, which lead to dangerous chemical leaks.

Pump Supply & Repair Group quoted to repair the damaged pump, and also quoted to supply better quality chemical process pumps as an alternative.

Damaged Impeller from Previously Installed Pump

After analysing the situation, our engineers advised to fit a Friatec Rheinhütte RCN Ku PE1000 pumps, as given the operating conditions they would far outlast the repaired pumps, giving longer mean time between failure and better value for money.

Friatec Rheinhütte, who Pump Supply & Repair Group represents exclusively in the UK, are specialist Chemical Pump Manufacturers, offering several ranges of Engineered Chemical Process Pumps. The pumps selected are made from an ultra-high molecular polyethylene, with an operating temperature range from -50 to 80oC, and which has resistance to corrosion which exceeds Polypropylene. The internals are made from solid PE1000, and then a sturdy outer case made from ductile cast iron protects the pump from external forces and torques. The double mechanical seal ensures that there is limited risk of the product leaking from around the shaft. All metallic parts are protected using corrosion proof epoxy resin paints, which further increases the service life of the pump in aggressive chemical applications.

The pumps were installed and laser aligned by our Site Installation engineers, and the units have run continuously since installation to the customer’s total satisfaction.

Rheinhutte Pump Laser Aligned & Commissioned

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