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Lowara Booster Set – New Sales

Industry – Food Production

One of our external sales team attended a food production site at the request of the client to investigate their boiler feed system pumps. Our engineer identified that the horizontal multistage pump was oversized for the requirements of the boiler, causing system problems, high operating costs and consequently consuming too much power.

Our engineer calculated that the needs of the system would be best met by installing an intelligent booster set which could alter performance as and when needed to minimise energy usage. PSRG specified a booster set containing 4 off 5.5kW Lowara SV vertical multistage pumps with variable speed drives and pressure vessels.

The booster set is driven by an intelligent control system which utilises various pressure transducers to determine the number of pumps that are running, and at what speed they are running at. This means that the necessary pressure is always maintained, but energy isn’t wasted due to excess pumping. The system has been specified so that annual need of the boiler can be met by 3 of the 4 pumps running for 100 hours.


The system was installed and commissioned by our own team of Site Engineers out of production hours.

Given a calculated cost saving of over £3,200 per year, the new installation will have a payback period of less than 5 years – including installation and commissioning costs.

If you have any requirements for any new pumps or parts, please contact our Sales Team on 0161 864 4678 or via